Can Hosta’s be trimmed?

Question by Carolee C: Can Hosta’s be trimmed?
I have hosta’s in my yard and they’re way to big. i don’t want to dig them up and replant them, or split them. Can they be trimmed? If so, with what?

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Answer by goodmorninggirl815
Yes. I used to have hostas, with those big cutter things.

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  1. judy_derr38565 says:

    No don’t trim them, the only way is to divide or split them.

  2. goldwing110083 says:

    You can cut away outside leaves that make the plant too big, but they will come right back. Digging up and dividing is a big chore…trim away.

  3. gettingsmarter says:

    Hosta can be trimmed all the way down to the ground if you want. You can even use just a pair of heavy scissors to do it. I have over three-hundred (300) separate Hosta plants. When the leaves look bad from the extreme heat or slugs, I cut them all the way back and they start growing back in just a couple of weeks. I would suggest you let the leaves remain on the plants when it starts getting cold weather so it will act as mulch for the winter. If they are extremely large plants and crowded, I too suggest digging them up and separating them. The bulb parts can be split with a knife and replanted. It is quite a chore though!

  4. Laurie D says:

    Hosta’s come in many sizes, colors and varieties. It sounds to me like you have larger sized hostas with large leaves. There is no way to “reshape” the leaves. You can cut them back, but they will just grow back.

    You might want to consider talking with your neighbors. Maybe they have a variety of hosta that is smaller that they would be happy to trade with you.

    I have 15 different varieties and sizes of hostas in my yard. They all are wonderful… if planted in the right areas. You don’t want a hosta with leaves the size of dinner plates/platters in a small space…

  5. Lynell S says:

    Yes, you can trim them like other have already told you, but they MULTIPLY (as you already have found out), and the best way to deal with that is to dig them. Don’t fret- it’s NOT a big deal, and you DON’T have to teat them with kid gloves! To dig, just spear your shovel into the plant and dig. It is not difficult at all. I’ve divided my hostas a jillion times because they grow so large, and neighbors and friends are always grateful to receive them (They are pricy in the garden centers!)

    Once I dig them, I place some in plastic grocery bags and take them to work…they are gone in a flash! They also do well in coffee cans or buckets of water for a week or so until you can get new homes. They are great to sell at a garage sale.

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