Can Hostas Be Propagated From Stem Cuttings?

Question by *Sombra*: Can Hostas Be Propagated From Stem Cuttings?
I have numerous Hosta plants, and they’re growing like crazy right now.

Nearly every day, I cut off several long, leafy stems (where the flowers would eventually be) so that the plants stay lower and more compact.

Will those stems root if I put them in …. something? If so, what?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Answer by La Vie Boheme
I don’t think so. If your hostas are that huge…you can divide them and always plant the divisions elsewhere or give them away.

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  1. michael g says:

    Hosta leaves are a bit different and do not contain a cadmiun layer of any sort to propogate roots from.

    Just sink a shovel in the clump right as they die back and mulch very heavily

  2. pennock.judy says:

    I think you shoud just let them grow, bloom, and then take a shovel and cut them in half and put them into another pot, or at least spread them out where you want them to be. I did this with the border flowers in my flower bed in front of my house, mixed up some miracle grow and they are blooming, spreading out evenly and doing wonderful. Good luck, you may even want to contact your local yard and garden shop to be specific.

  3. Guy H says:

    Certain plants can easily propagate like that just put them in some fertile soil keep them plenty moist to encourage growth and it will either work or it won’t best of luck to you.


  4. TopCatt says:

    No. Those are leaf stems.The leaves are attached all the way to the crown of the plant, which is at the soil surface. You can root from an actual stem or branch, of which Hosta do not have. Bloom stems will not root either.
    But, Hosta are easily divided. Although the best time is when they are dormant. Dig them up, shake the soil off, and gently but firmly pull the plant apart starting at the crown. You can then replant each piece. Take care not to break the pip off (the bud tip).

    You can also do cell division in a petrie dish if you have all the facilities. Most people just divide the roots.

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