Can a variegated hosta mutate to solid green?

Question by war~horse: Can a variegated hosta mutate to solid green?
I had only variegated hostas in my yard, one turned to be a very
large solid green color. How can this be? I’m not very good with plants so I don’t know much about it. But it’s very pretty.
Thank you for your answer!
This one is in a more shady area, so that could be it. It’s so large I was gonna
transplant some of it elsewhere. I love
them because they don’t need alot of work and I can’t kill them.:)

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Answer by melissaw77
No they cant mutate, but when you bought them a ryzome from a solid plant might haev been hiding with the varigated and voila you have a solid in there.

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4 Responses to “Can a variegated hosta mutate to solid green?”

  1. Barbados Chick says:

    Yes, this is quite common as Hostas react to the amount of sunlight they recieve. Next year it will come up varigated again and again turn solid green. You might want to experiment with locations – and see what happens. If I remember correctly, too little light promotes more green. But we do not have hostas here, in Barbados, and mt memory of Canadian plants is fading.

  2. togobackintime says:

    yes. my mother-in-law had a maple tree that had verigated leaves when the planted it, it now has solid leaves. its just something that happens. they aren’t that bad looking solid either.

  3. drew says:

    I have nearly all types of hostas. The variegated types some times put out solid colour. Not to worry its nature trying to go all green all the time. Hostas are the most beautiful plants in my yard.

  4. licoanman042000 says:

    I’m sorry I could’nt answer your question because I’m from asia. However reading the answer from your fan i think you got the answer. Plants! Ilike them though, but i know next to nothing about planting them.

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