Are seeds and bulbs OK to leave in the Garage over the winter?

Question by John16: Are seeds and bulbs OK to leave in the Garage over the winter?
I got glads and Hosta seed, Dahlias, Callas, morning glories

Whats OK to leave in the Garage?

Are even annual seeds going to die in there?

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Answer by nicks2112
Yes its fine

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  1. jwhfaye says:

    Remember seeds are tough! Seal them to keep the vermin out of them and they will be OK. It is best with most bulbs-tulips, gladiolas etc: to simply put them in the deep freeze. I usually put all the seeds in the freezer over the winter–the stratification methods for certain seeds are easily found via the garden sites on the Internet…Good luck–remember to plant them green-side-up LOL

  2. Gypsy says:

    If temperatures in your area go 5 C below zero Dahlia and Glads should be kept in an area where temps do not go below zero and keep them in a dark and cool place.

  3. Cassie says:

    You really don’t want your seeds to get that much moisture…bring them inside, place them in a paper bag in a nice cool place….I even put mine inside a zip lock bag and then again in the paper bag…..I wouldn’t leave my bulbs if you live below zone 8 in the garage…..i would put them in brown paper bags also in a nice cool place in the house where they stay dry.

  4. dances_with_unicorns1955 says:

    Bulbs and tubers need to be in an area that does not freeze, but anything above freezing is fine – they’ll just be dormant. Seeds are REALLY tough, and designed to withstand very cold temperatures. It might actually help germination of morning glory seeds to be frozen over the winter, as this particular plant often NEEDS scarification (some means of breaking through the seed coat) before they will germinate. I actually freeze morning glory seeds before I plant them, and I get a very good germination rate!

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