are hosta poisonous to dogs?

Question by J & D: are hosta poisonous to dogs?
I suspect my 4 dogs have been eating/chewing on a hosta plant. Does anyone know for sure if hostas are poisonous? I am finding some toxic plant lists that say it is and some that say it is non-toxic. What would the symptoms of an ingestion be? Gastroenteritis? Diarrhea? Vomiting? My babies have had some diarrhea and hubbie caught them playing around the hosta and hiding under it as well as chewing it. This is the only thing that we can think of that could be causing their identical symptoms. Our puppies are on a different diet than our older dogs, so there are no similarities there to explain.

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Answer by Baby Rotty
i’m not sure if it is posionous or it its just their bodies digesting the plant. call a local poison center and ask. or re-post this question in the plan section.
Hope This Helps! 😀

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