Are Elephant Ear Hosta also known as Elegans?

Question by Suki: Are Elephant Ear Hosta also known as Elegans?
I have these huge hostas that I love and want to buy some more but can’t seem to find them. I’ve tried looking online but haven’t found any by that name but did find one called Elegans which looks like it may be the same plant.

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Answer by CAPE
go to your local nursery they should have them. (i love them), and not sure of name…but, i see them at all the nursery’s.

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  1. meanolmaw says:

    there are bigger hostas than Elegans…. Sum and Substance is one….. Titanic is another…. what color are yours?… that’s the best hint…..

    down this page…. a post by ‘don’….

    he listed many of the biggies…..

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