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Sum & Substance Hosta

Gigantic hosta grows up to 3′ tall! Humongous is the best way to describe this hosta. Huge, chartreuse-green leaves measure up to 18″ long by 14″ wide! Truly a hosta of immense proportions, Sum and Substance forms colossal clumps measuring up to 3′ high by 7′ wide and can get even bigger if you heavily water and fertilize. Produces lavender flowers on 60″ scapes in July-August. Good slug resistance. Drought resistant. Hummingbird attractant.

Hosta Sum and Substance
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The ‘Sum and Substance’ hosta has leaves that can vary from gold to light green to chartreuse. It is one of the largest varieties. Its flowers are in shades of purple. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of 3 through 9. This hosta requires partial shade or full sun conditions and a fertile or average acidic soil between 5.5 pH and 7.5 pH.